1. There are 20 kilometers of walking, you need to be in good physical condition to enjoy the tour, otherwise it will be hell for you.
  2. There are many pirate companies and scammers, do not risk having an accident or being obado, look for established companies in the tourism pages
  3. From Hotel Cola de Caballo it is 2 hours by all-terrain vehicle, it is best to spend the night in Potrero Redondo, but be careful with the accommodations, select a reliable one
  4. Do not take water along the route, avoid leaving garbage and bring what you find, we will preserve this unique place in the world.
  5. Wear comfortable clothes, a suggestion, a bathing suit or a lycra to put on the neoprene suit. The tennis shoes that are the newest possible, avoid bringing old shoes, they will surely break. All day you will be in the water.
  6. Wear gloves to take care of your hands, there are many rough rocks that can hurt you
  7. Do not carry a backpack, it is better for your guides to have vests with bags. The backpacks fill with water and it is very heavy to get out after each jump into the water.